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Rodrigo Toscano is the author of To Leveling Swerve (Kruspkaya Books, 2005), Platform (Atelos, 2004), The Disparities (Green Integer, 2002) and Partisans (O Books, 1999). His new manuscript, Collapsible Poetics Theater, won the National Poetry Series 2007. His poetry has recently appeared in Best American Poetry (2004), War and Peace (2004), War and Peace (2007) and In the Criminal's Cabinet: An anthology of poetry and fiction (2004). In 2005, he was the recipient of a New York State Fellowship in Poetry. He is the poetry editor for Boog City Magazine. Toscano is the artistic coordinator for the Collapsible Poetics Theater. His experimental poetics plays, body movement poems, polyvocalic pieces have recently been performed at the Disney Redcat Theater in Los Angeles, Ontological-Hysteric Poet’s Theater Festival, and New Langton Arts Space (San Francisco). His writing has been translated into French, German, Spanish, Norwegian, and Italian. Toscano is originally from the Borderlands of California. He lives in Brooklyn, and works in Manhattan at the Labor Institute.


Experimental poetics theater, history of working class political movements, critical theory, aesthetic discourse.