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September 12, 2007


Bobby Giunta

Tony Mazzocchi was a dear friend and
we shared activities in the labor movement of the 1950's and early
1960's. Tony was a trade unionist in the
tradition of Albert Camus' "The Rebel".
He understood that working people, all
people, had certain human rights that transcended their working lives. He knew that an organized work force was
the vehicle by which working people
could attain economic, social and political justice. I miss his friendship and
will always remeber what he was to me.

aife [ee-fah] murray

Tony Mazzocchi's name was said with reverence in my household. My father, Henry Murray (third from left in 1960s photo labeled Stanley Aronowitz) was invigorated by his relationship with Tony. When you are trying to change the world and push the labor movement to the left, as my father was, you need allies like Tony.

The last time I saw him was at an APHA meeting in Las Vegas just after taking my two year old to the Nevada desert to protest the re-commencement of nuclear testing by the US. How good to see Tony's winning smile and be reminded how lucky to have (had) such a lion fighting on our side.

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